Our Baby Sleep Experience

I have consistently posted monthly updates for my kids on the blog and in every one of them I always speak about my children’s sleep habits. It seems that after each one I post, I always get someone asking a question about how my babes sleep so well, starting at such an early age. I’ve shared my experiences openly when people have inquired but I’ve never posted my thoughts, choices and behaviors publicly on the blog. The reason being, is because I know sleep, just like breastfeeding, has a lot of opinions associated with it. So, here’s my disclaimer: I am NO sleep expert. I have never read any sleep books, taken any classes or trained myself in any way. I am a mother of two who has followed her gut on what she thinks is best for her kids. I know I’ve made choices that others will not agree with and will not feel comfortable doing and I totally understand that. I am sharing my experiences with the hopes it can help another mama out. But, please know I am not telling anyone that what I did was the right way or the only way. What’s right for each baby and each mama (and their partner) is obviously totally up to you and what you’re comfortable doing! I thought maybe we got lucky with our first being a good sleeper but after doing what we did with both and getting the same great results, I’m thinking we might have had a part in it.

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