Sudio Regent Headphones

Since getting Emsley a pair of on-ear headphones for Hawaii, I figured it was important that I set the same example for her. Because after all, monkey see-monkey do, am I right? Part of how we taught her to use her headphones for the airplane was by wearing a pair ourselves with her at home during the weeks before our vacation. She loves to wear them now and apparently loves my new headphones even more!

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Sudio Rose Gold Headphones

img_0083I have been on a rose gold kick lately and can’t seem to get enough of it in jewelry, home decor and now accessories! These rose gold wireless headphones by Sudio Sweden are absolutely stunning! Even the packaging they come in is perfect. I got them just in time to use for our trip to NYC back in September. Headphones are a must for me when flying as they block out all the airplane noise and the other travellers around me. When travelling, I like to zone out and relax and listening to music allows me to do just that! Continue reading